Remony Estate
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Remony Estate is owned & managed by the Duncan Millar family. In 1925 Sir James Duncan Millar, grandfather of the present owner, purchased the estate from the Breadalbanes. James, the present owner, returned home to run the estate after 19 years in the Army serving with the Black Watch Regiment.

The primary business of the estate is hill-farming, with tourism, forestry, sport and electricity generation all playing their part in this diverse family enterprise.

Remony Estate is home to roughly 1,750 blackface ewes which are bred for sale as breeding stock, two shepherds are employed to care for the flock. Lambs are finished with rape & kale and sold on during the winter months.

Cattle are also bred on the estate, used as a “mobile” lawnmower for managing the grass. The spring born calves are then sold on to James’ brother Ian who finishes them at Tirinie Farm.

Remony has a successful sporting enterprise with grouse on the heather moorland, pheasants on the lowers slopes and deer stalking on the open hill. Many sporting clients return year after year to enjoy all the estate has to offer often becoming firm family friends in the process. Fishing is also included in Remony’s sporting suite with two boats available for use on the Loch in the pursuit of either salmon or trout.

The tourism aspect of the business compliments the farming and sporting interests, providing wonderful and ever-changing vistas and activities for those staying in Tomgarrow. Tomgarrow is also the perfect base for activity breaks as well as those looking for a more sedate, relaxing holiday.

There are approximately 80 hectares of Managed Woodland on the estate with Oak, Ash, Sitka Spruce, Larch and Scot’s Pine predominating. Roughly the same amount of land is given over to scrub and natural generation woodland. The amenity woods provide a fantastic and varied habitat for a range of wildlife including the red squirrel, the gold crest, the black grouse and the spotted woodpecker as well as providing shelter for livestock.

Remony has, for the past 80 years, produced electricity from the water that runs off the hill. A new turbine was built in 1992 and at full stretch provides 360 kW of electricity; enough to power Remony and most of the village by means of a National grid connection through which the excess is sold.

Remony is a diverse business in a designated Environmentally Sensitive Area and this status is reflected in the proactive way that all the estate activities interact and are managed in a sustainable, long term manner.